While you sweat, ATLAS auto-detects your exercises, displaying your reps as you perform them. The wristband uses an industry leading heartrate monitor and motion sensors to provide you with valuable metrics during and post workout – for free.

Detailed Workout Log

Select from short workouts and multi-week programs to change your life. ATLAS automatically tracks science based metrics so you stay motivated to keep going.

Workout Summary

See your workout history. Every exercise, every rep, every heart beat.

Cardiovascular Strengh

Get continuous, automatic & strapless heart rate analysed down to every set.

Training Focus

Every aspect of your fitness is targeted with science based analytics.

Detailed Workout Logs

Get stronger, faster, & fitter while Atlas automatically tracks every rep.

Guided Workouts

Get the most effective fitness training experience – personalized content, detailed videos, curated by scientists to guide you through your training routine.

Exercise Training Guide

Learn and master new movements with a detailed teaching system and instructional videos.

Premium Workouts

Get the perfect combination of workout routines for the fastest way to get where you want.

Extensive Exercise Library

A powerful combination of exercises target for the fastest way to get in shape.

Exercise Details

Track the effect on your muscles for every exercise and find an exercise to target what matters to you.