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The free app that tracks body-weight exercises.

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Atlas Engine turns your iOS or Android mobile device into a real-time exercise tracking system. Atlas Engine was developed in parallel with the Atlas Wristband as an algorithmic test bed and it’s turned out to be a pretty exciting product in it’s own right. In fact, we can’t stop using it in the office! So we're offering Engine to our community FREE for a limited time.


Why Atlas Engine?

We are releasing Atlas Engine so that anyone with an iOS or Android mobile device can experience the power of automated fitness tracking. Atlas Engine utilizes the same technology as our flagship hardware product, Atlas Wristband.

How does it work?

Atlas Engine utilizes proprietary algorithms developed through our Motion Genome Project. MGP is our on-going volunteer exercise program where we capture and analyze data for over 50 different exercises. The numerous and varied participants, countless hours of data harvesting and valuable input from fitness gurus and personal trainers have made our detection and tracking capability second to none. And with each MGP session our algorithms get better.

What exercises will it recognize?

Atlas Engine comes pre-loaded with the Basic Bodyweight Package – Push-ups, Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Prisoner Squats and Alternating Prisoner Lunges. Atlas plans to introduce more exercises to future app updates as they become available.

What do I have to do?

  1. Download and start up the app
  2. Strap your mobile device to your left bicep
  3. Start sweating

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by Gene Sanchez
"Amazing! This app just revolutionized and set the bar so high that all other fitness apps look dated. This is equal to the first iPhone changing the game for all phones and I am shocked that Apple has not bought the company and incorporated this tech into the Apple Watch And iPhone as this would be the killer app that all fitness people would go after! Great job! Cannot believe this is free would pay big money for this."

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To use Atlas Engine you'll need an armband. Official Atlas Engine Armbands are available right here.

  • Fits iPhone 4-6 (excluding 6 Plus), iPod Touch & like-sized Android devices
  • Dual-Slot strap to fit any size bicep
  • Designed for comfort and strength over repeated use

Atlas Engine Armband