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Atlas Top Questions

Atlas Wearables Privacy Policy

Atlas is serious about protecting your privacy. Read more

Atlas Wristband How To Sync

Troubleshooting Read more

Blank Screen Hard Reset

Reset Atlas Read more

Comparison Chart: Bodyweight, HIIT, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Free Weights

Comparison Chart, Atlas, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone Read more

Difference: Atlas And Atlas2

Same Band More Memory Read more

Gauge Your Form: A, B, C

Over 5 Years Of Experience Read more

Getting Started With Your Atlas 2

Getting Started With Your Atlas 2 Read more

Ghost Touch

Click the side button for the menu to verify that the NAV is turned off. Read more

How Do I Add Or Teach?

Add Or Teach Read more

How Do I Charge My Atlas Wristband?

Learn how to charge your Atlas Wristband. Read more

How Do I Delete?

Delete Read more

How Do I Maximize My Wristband's Battery Life?

Atlas Lasts Three To Five One Hour Workouts Read more

How Do I Navigate On The Atlas?

Tapping The Screen Read more

How Do I Turn On My Atlas?

Setup your Atlas Wristband Read more

How Do I Update My Firmware?

SYNC Not Prompting Firmware Update Read more

How To Create A Custom Workout

Create Custom Workouts Read more

Is Atlas 24/7 All Day Wear?

Become The Best Version Of Yourself Read more

Is The Weight Of An Individual Bar Or The Sum Of Each?

Weight Of An Individual Bar Or The Sum Read more

Modes: Freestyle & Guided Workouts

Modes Atlas Offers Read more

My Atlas Wristband Will Not Turn On

Hold The Button Down Until The Screen Turns On (Up To 30 Seconds) Read more

No Devices Detected

Do Not Pair Your Atlas Read more

Pre-ordered An Atlas And Never Received My Order

Confirm Your Address Read more

Proper Care And Cleaning

Clean And Dry Your Atlas And Band Read more

Third Party Purchases

Make A Claim Read more

Version Status

Make sure you are using the latest. Read more

What Does The Heart Icon In Heart Rate Mode Mean?

Confidence In The Algorithm Read more

What Is Velocity?

Helps Target Specific Muscle Growth Zones Read more

Where Is My Serial Number?

On The Back Of Your Module Read more

Why Does My Atlas Screen Not Match The Screen In The Videos?

Atlas Is In Need Of A Firmware Update. Read more

Why Isn't Heart Rate Working?

Reset Your Device Read more

Why Won't My Atlas Recognize My Exercises?

Atlas Not Recognizing My Exercises Read more

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