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How Do I Update My Firmware?

  1. Log out of the Atlas app.
  2. Force close the app entirely.
  3. Hard reset your device by turning it on then holding down the side button until the screen resets to show the Atlas logo.
  4. Log back into the app.
  5. Tap the top right corner of the app to open the side menu.
  6. Select 'My Profile'.
  7. Toward the bottom tap the 'Add [+]' button. (Please make sure Bluetooth is enabled!)
  8. Your device serial number should appear. (located on back of your Atlas module)
  9. Tap 'Save Preferences' button.
  10. Tap sync icon in top left corner on home-screen.
  11. After your data syncs, a 'Firmware Update' screen will pop up in the app.
  12. Current firmware version is .266

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