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Product Features

Alternate Wristband Colors?

Two Colors To Choose From Read more

Are There Exercises Atlas Cannot Recognize?

Teach Your Atlas Read more

Atlas – Technical Specs

Atlas Features Read more

Can Atlas Tell Time?

Atlas Displays Time Read more

Can Atlas Track Calories Burned?

Calories Burned Read more

Can Atlas Track My Sleep?

Does Not Track Sleep Read more

Can Atlas Track My Specific Workout Routine?

Atlas Tracking Read more

Can Atlas Track Running, Walking, Or Has A GPS?

Track With Heart Rate Mode Read more

Can I Get A New Screen If Original Is Cracked?

The Screen Cannot Be Replaced Independently Read more

Can I Track My Swimming Workouts With Atlas?

Atlas Is Waterproof Read more

Can Multiple People Share One Atlas?

Atlas Is Assigned To One User's Account Read more

Do I Need To Have A Smartphone?

Smartphone Running Android Or iOS 8.5+ Read more

Do I Purchase A New Battery Or Replace?

The Manufacturing Process Makes The Battery Inaccessible Read more

Does Atlas Track My Heart Rate?

Atlas Tracks Heart Rate Read more

Does The Atlas Feature SI Units?

Both Imperial And Metric Units Read more

Extra Strap Leg Isolation Exercises

How to use an extra strap to track leg isolation exercises Read more

Having The Best Fit

Wearing Your Atlas Read more

How Can I Set My Fitness Goals?

Target Your Goals Read more

How Does Atlas Know How Much Weight I'm Lifting?

Enter In Weights Read more

How Durable Is The Atlas?

Atlas Is Rugged And Durable Read more

How Heavy Is The Atlas?

Atlas Weight Read more

Is Atlas Waterproof?

Atlas Is Water Resistant Read more

Leg Exercises – Do I Need To Move The Atlas?

Leg Exercises Read more

New To Atlas?

Atlas 3D Motion Recognition Engine Read more

Use Atlas Anywhere

You Do Not Have To Be In A Gym Read more

What Apps Does Atlas Sync With?

Atlas Wristband App iOS And Android Read more

What Foreign Languages Does Atlas Use?

English For Now Read more

What Happened To The Yellow Display?

White Display Text Instead Read more

What Happens If I Wet My Device?

Atlas Water Resistant Up To 30 Meters Read more

What Is Included When You Purchase The Atlas Wristband?

Atlas Accessories Read more

What Is The Size Of Atlas?

Atlas Dimensions Read more

What Is The Smart Timer Feature?

Automatically Records Active Time Read more

What Kind Of Data Does Atlas Collect? Who Does Atlas Share My Data With?

App Collects Generic Demographic Information Read more

What Makes The Atlas Product Unique?

Atlas 3D Inertial Motion Read more

What Phones Are Compatible With The Free Atlas App?

Our App Works With iOS 8.5+ And Android 5.0+ Phones Read more

When Will You Update My Atlas With New Exercises?

Gathering Data Read more

Which Arm Should I Wear My Atlas On?

Designed For The Left Wrist Read more

Will Atlas Make A Good Daily Watch?

Minimal Battery Impact Read more

Will Atlas Receive Text Or Email Notifications From my Phone?

Atlas Communicates With Phone Via Bluetooth Read more

Will My Kettlebell Exercises Damage My Atlas?

Kettlebell exercises have the potential to damage the face of your Atlas. Read more

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