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Are There Exercises Atlas Cannot Recognize?

Atlas can currently track 100+ different exercises and the list will continue to grow.

Each Atlas Wristband is equipped with MotionAI. This means Atlas grows with you and can track nearly any exercise with motion! The opportunities our endless. Click here to learn now.

Atlas can identify exercises that involve some kind of wrist movement, even if that exercise is not meant to target the arms or upper body. Our list of exercises that Atlas can track will continue to grow as the Atlas collects more data on a wider range of workouts. Rest assured that your Atlas is not a static piece of equipment - it learns more about the way you move the more you use it and will regularly receive updates that allow it to identify, track, and analyze a wider range of exercises.

There are exercises (plank, for example) that do not currently fall under the umbrella of identifiable movements because they involve a motionless wrist. In this regard, the available products that Atlas Wearables offers may expand to monitor different parts of the body, but this is not a current focus.

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