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What Makes The Atlas Product Unique?

Your Atlas uses embedded algorithms to analyze your specific motion patterns and track your exercises. No other fitness wearable does this. Atlas is the response to passive fitness devices that serve as all-day wear step-trackers and calorie counters. Atlas goes further by providing feedback about the exact work outs you are performing, your form, and acts as your personal trainer. The device has 3 modes:


Workout on your own. The Atlas Wristband will track your exercises, reps, heart rate, form, calories burned and more on the fly. Atlas builds analytics while you sweat and our app gives you the feedback that you need to progress and reach your goals.

Guided Workouts

Create and find workout routines on the Atlas Wearables app to run through during your workout. Our vibration alarm and smart timer will mark the beginning and end of sets while tracking reps, rest and active time as measures of your endurance.

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