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Atlas Shape

App Failed To Pair Or Synchronize With Shape

Check if your phone network and Bluetooth settings are turned on Read more

Cannot Get Shape To Appear For Devices?

Toggle Bluetooth on/off on your phone Read more

Difference Between Atlas & Shape Wristband

The Atlas and Shape are different platforms Read more

Do I Have To Enable Heart Rate?

Heart rate automatically turns on and streams/logs when you enter a workout Read more

How to Force Close To Restart App

How to force quit an app on iPhone or Android Read more

Is The Shape Right For You?

The Shape is NOT Atlas 3 Read more

Is The Shape Water Resistant?

Atlas Shape is water-resistant Read more

Not Receiving Shape Notifications

Make sure notifications settings on phone are turned on Read more

Shape App Setup & Syncing

Download and install the Atlas Shape App Read more

Shape Battery Life & Charge

Shape battery can last up to 3 days Read more

Shape Blank Screen

Screen not coming on? Read more

Shape Bluetooth Connectivity On Android Devices

Based on our tests, some Android systems have disconnection issues. Read more

Shape Bluetooth Pairing

Only pair through the Shape App Read more

Shape Calories

Calories Seem Off? Read more

Shape Device Operation

Slide left or right to change the interface Read more

Shape Factory Reset

Return your device to its original state Read more

Shape Flip Screen

Guided workout experience requires left handed wear Read more

Shape Full White Screen

Getting a full white screen? Read more

Shape Goals

Select the goal setting in the Atlas Shape App to set Read more

Shape Hard Reset

Screen stuck? Read more

Shape Loss Protection

Check if your band is near your phone Read more

Shape No Response Green Check

Use a small pin on the back of the charge port Read more

Shape Notifications

Click on the icon to check your messages Read more

Shape Product Specifications

Display: TFT 160*64 Read more

Shape Reminders

You can set up to 6 types of daily reminders Read more

Shape Restart

Restarting your device does not delete the data saved on your device Read more

Shape Screen Operation

All screen operations can be performed by touching the screen with your finger tip Read more

Shape Screen Stuck

Turn off Wi-Fi Read more

Shape Sleep Mode

Tap the “sleep” icon to enter sleep mode Read more

Shape Tech Specs

Fits wrists up to 8.5" Read more

Shape Wear

Wrap the device around your wrist Read more

Shape Workout Jumps Straight To Workout Completed

Check if you have internet. Read more

Spotify Shape On Android

Enable "Device Broadcast Status" Read more

When Will My Shape Ship?

Shipping starts in August Read more

Which App Should I Use?

Which App should I use? Read more

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