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Not Receiving Shape Notifications

For both iOS and Android, make sure notifications are enabled in the Shape app by going to your profile tab, tapping Shape Band Settings then Notification & Settings and selecting which notifications you would like to receive.

On Android typically if this is your first time setting it up, it will prompt for permissions and notification access. Make sure to allow these, and if you forgot, settings to enable them are below.

On iOS you should be all set, but if your phone notification center is blocking notifications, you'll need to follow the iOS steps below.

Go to Settings > Notifications
Click on which notifications (Calendar, Messages, etc) you'd like to receive on Shape.
Toggle on Allow Notifications
Make sure the toggle is also on to show in notification center!

Android needs both Permissions enabled and Notification Access. For permissions, make sure the Shape App has permissions to view/read SMS, Phone, and Contacts. You will also need Camera permissions if you want to take selfies with the Shape band ;) Notification access can be a bit more complicated:

Enable Notification Access On Android 8.0
Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access
Tap on Notification access
Enable the Atlas Shape app and tap ALLOW

Enable Notification Access On Android 7.0
Go to Settings > General > Apps
Tap on Shape
Tap on Permissions (Toggle what you would like on)
Tap on Notifications (Toggle how you would like them to be shown)

Enable Notification Access On Android 6.0
Go to Settings > Sound & Notifications > Notification Access
Make sure Atlas Shape is switched to ON
Allow notification access and tap OK
NOTE: Google inbox on android works. For SMS, we did not set it up to work with the Verizon messaging app, but it definitely works with the Google messaging app: Android Messages

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