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Shape Battery Life & Charge

Your Shape battery can last up to 3 days between charges. Because battery life is affected by use and other settings, actual results may vary. To ensure optimal performance, please charge before the battery level reaches 20%.

1. Match the charging pins on the cradle to the back of the band. The magnetic snapping mechanism will snap the charging cradle into place.
2. Insert the micro-USB cable into the charging cradle, and then connect the USB plug into a power source. A "Charging" icon will be shown on the screen and will indicate the current charge level.

Tip: Make sure to completely charge your device before first use. A full charge will take approximately two hours (depending on the power source).

Note: If you are experiencing charging connectivity issues check and verify that the charging pins on the back of the band are clean and golden. If the charging pins are dirty and blocked, clean gently with isopropyl alcohol.

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