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Shape Device Operation

Check the device info with the “info” option of the settings menu.
The ID number of your device is in the “info” section

Slide left or right to change the interface. Device screens subject to change with future software updates as needed.

Time/Date Interface
Time and date on your band will automatically be synchronized with the connected mobile device.
Please make sure there is sufficient battery charge on your band to avoid resetting the time.

Steps, Distance, Calories, Active Minutes
Your daily steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes can be monitored from the band. You may swipe through the screens to check the current daily activity data for each or you can use the Atlas Shape App to check your activity data and historical data. You can also check your progress through the app's main page, CoachAI, and see a detailed analysis of your daily, weekly, and monthly performance by tapping the activity column. Your band will store your activity data for up to 7 days, so remember to synchronize your band and app regularly to keep accurate daily records.
The band is set to reset your daily activity every day at midnight.

Heart Rate
Heart rate (off) Heart rate (on)
To activate the heart rate monitor, switch to the heart rate interface. If the heart icon is empty, the sensor is not actively recording. If the heart icon is full, the sensor is actively recording.
Tapping on the heart icon will toggle the heart rate sensor on/off.

Timer (off) Timer (on) Timer (paused)
Tap the “play” button to start the timer. Tap the “pause” button to pause the timer. Tap the “reset” button to reset the timer.

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