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Shape Notifications

SMS notifications:
Click on the icon to check your messages. You can check up to 3 messages at a time and each message will display up to 3-pages of contents. Contents exceeding 3 pages will be replaced with “...” at the end of the text.

Note: When there are multiple SMS notifications, swipe the screen to check each one of them individually.

Missed call notifications:
Click on the icon to check the missed calls.

The band can display notifications from incoming calls, missed calls, SMS, emails, social media, calendar events, and disconnection alerts. Open the Atlas Shape App, tap your profile, then “Shape Band Settings” and then “Notifications”. select the notifications you’d like to see. If you would like to dismiss certain notifications, slide the select button “off” to turn disable the notifications.

To dismiss a notification, simply swipe left or right on the band’s screen. If the notification is not dismissed, it will reappear next time you turn on the screen.

Incoming call notifications:
Only Latin alphabets are supported for the incoming call notification functionality.

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