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App Integration: Google Fit

How to sync Google Fit on your Atlas dashboard:
Login to your Atlas dashboard.
Click on Profile, to the right on the top menu.
Click on Integrations which is near the bottom.
Select and manage app integrations:
Click Sign In.
Note: Make sure your popup blocker is disabled to successfully integrate with Google.
Go to the homepage.
Scroll all the way down and you will notice the added Typical Step Count and Daily Caloric Balance to your dashboard.
Now your Atlas is integrated with Google Fit!

Google Fit On Dashboard

If you are getting errors, make sure you have UNCHECKED "Block third-party cookies and site data". To find the setting, open Chrome settings, type "third" in the search box, click the Content Settings button, and view the fourth item under Cookies.

If you are having issues, please go to your Google permissions and delete Atlas Wearables as an integration before attempting to reconnect your accounts on the Atlas Dashboard.

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