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Dashboard: Heart Rate Zones

Heart-rate training quantifies your effort and the intensity of your fitness based on your age. Elevate your heart rate into the correct training zone to reach your goals faster.

Max Zone (90 - 100%)
This is the true high-intensity zone; the overload zone. Aim to reach your Max zone in sets that last from mere seconds up to two minutes. For most, exercising in the Max zone 10-30 minutes per week yields significant benefit.

Coach's Recommendation: Though you maximize caloric density, and thus weight loss, by training in this zone, training here is strenuous and can lead to overtraining. Mix the Max zone with lower zones to achieve overload with sufficient recovery for true improvement.

Anaerobic Zone (80 - 90%)
Your muscles are working just hard enough that oxygen is barely reaching your muscles. Aim for sets that last from two to ten minutes. At this point your body is predominately using carbohydrates as fuel. Your body begins to reduce total abdominal, subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Coach's Recommendation: Only training at the Anaerobic zone will lead to plateau for most. Mix short sets of Anaerobic and Max zones with lower zones to annihilate fat.

Cardio Zone (70 - 80%)
Commonly mistaken for the fat burn zone, the Cardio zone trains the body to prepare for more intense workouts. Staying in this zone without variation will initially improve oxygen consumption efficiency but will quickly plateau.

Coach's Recommendation: This is a great zone to build a cardio base and to prepare your body for higher intensity workouts.

Recovery Zone (60 - 70%)
Training in this light intensity enhances your endurance while your body uses fats as fuel.

Coach's Recommendation: Though you're burning fats as fuel, your caloric burn density is very low. Aim for the Anaerobic zone to trigger optimal fat loss. Warm Up: The warm up zone encourages blood flow and is key to maintaining a healthy heart.

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