Do More Reps Than Yesterday

Shape tracks your exercise progress and 24/7 wellness to push you to beat yesterday's you.

A Private Fitness Coach
Anytime, Anywhere

Intelligent Guidance

Shape finds the best workouts based off your goals, workout history, and your current level.

Energetic Workouts

Push-to-start high energy workout classes that combine the motivation of a trainer with automatic rep counting.

Automatic Insights

Shape gets you real results by comparing similar workouts to find the best routine for your body.

How Our Guided Workouts Work


Find a workout based on trainer, equipment, or intensity.


Put on your headphones and follow guided workouts.


Feel great and wear Shape to track reps and your personal bests!

Total Body Fitness Tracker

Automatic Workout Journal

Shape band tracks your motion in 3D and counts completed reps automatically.

Heart Rate Tracking

Shape logs your heart rate during workouts and shows real time cardio impact.

Day and Night Tracking

Shape tracks your daily caloric burn, step count, and sleep quality.

Beat Yesterday's You

With Shape, benchmark your last workout against your personal best so you know which records you're already breaking.

Your Journey to Fitness

Shape logs every day and night and calorie burned. In order to better understand your caloric burn rate, what works, and where you can improve.

Workout Experience

While you're working out, your trainer motivates you, helping you improve your form, and pushing your intensity. In real-time, Shape tracks your Calories, Repetitions, and Heart Rate so you know exactly how you're doing.

Never Be Bored

Shape finds the best workouts for you.

Superior fitness classes curated for your body that adapt to your progress.

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