ATLAS 2 Wristband - Available In Yellow Or Green

ATLAS 2 Wristband

Available In Yellow Or Green

Automatic Fitness Tracker / Learns Your Form and Any Exercise / Pre-loaded with 100 exercises / Untethered Workout Tracker / Swim Tracker / Heart Rate Sensor



Amazing! - Zach B.

Absolutely love the atlas, this this is awesome. at first it takes a little while to get used to and to learn how to use but once it is up and running and you understand how well it works this product is unstoppable. i think with a little more testing and better qualities this this could take off in the future.

Super Cool! - Paul A.

Where to begin... It's an absolutely cool watch. I love that I can track my running and weight lifting calories burned in the same workout with just one watch. Been using it for a little more than a week and I've had no problems with the watch's functionality at all. Yes it does miss a rep here and there if your form isn't proper, all you have to do is add it manually. And yes, you have to add the amount of weight you lift, not a biggie. And yes, there are only 50 exercises to choose from but so what... Atlas is adding more exercises based on user feedback. I like this watch very much and think it's only going to get better with time.

Several Months of Testing - Derek G.

I have been using this trainer over the last several months and wanted to have a solid base before sending out feedback to others. My experience with the product was at first spotty. However few conversations with the extremely responsive customer support cleared any issues up. What impressed me most was the responsive nature of the development team to reach back to me personally and ask for input to advance the trainer. I feel all my suggestions were heard and I have noticed the incremental improvements continually being rolled out. The Atlas Team clearly has future focus in mind, I have noticed that improving the experience and usability of trainer is their key focus. I see that they have improved their hardware with version 2 and look forward to upgrading when my first generation dies…no signs of that in over 9 months. Why I bought in the first place: - Tired of pencils and papers - Tired of unlocking my phone to use basic apps after every set - Didn’t want my phone on me all the time - I am technology nerd Why I will continue to follow Atlas and their products: - They listen to their customers - They aren’t concerned about adding apps that don’t enhance my workout experience - The workout library is expanding quickly and I can “teach” my own exercises. - Community support of routines - Flexibility to modify routines to my need. Overall I am pleased with Atlas fitness tracker and would/do recommend it to many at my local gym.

New device, sync problems fixed. Atlas did a fantastic job with customer service on this one! - Vincent P.

Got in touch with the Atlas folks after my sync issue, they fixed me up with a beta version of the App, now it sync's like a charm. (thank you Atlas for getting back to me so quickly) So, brought it out for a for a spin and like what I see, most exercises are tracked correctly, around 80% (love the extra info on power and speed) Look forward to new updates and perhaps in the future the applicability to sync my info to my other Apps like Mapmyfitness. So far so good, I will update you guys in a week . update, I've taken it on a freestyle workout test drive, and at first it missed about 40% of the sets, but, after 30 minutes of barbell work it started picking them up like a charm. The device does learn your movements, but it takes time. Great detail on stats and I look forward to seeing swimming added in the future.

Best fitness tracker yet!! - Thomas M.

I was an early backer via Indiegogo. I have been using the Atlas wearable for the last few months. What I like: “Tracking is great!" “Input weight is awesome." “HR and calories are spot on!" "Battery lasts two days. No problem. Charge time is fast!" There are some issues that need to be improved but they are constantly making upgrades with new software updates. I think the only issue that can't be fixed with the current model is the lack of gorilla glass to prevent scratches. Overall great product, definitely worth the money spent.

I like the weekly emails to tell me what I've worked - Michael B.

Been using this for a couple weeks. I set up a workout routine for my week so I step through it, I haven't used the freestyle as of yet. For that, it's worked very well, keep track and letting me monitor my rest times. I like the weekly emails to tell me what I've worked on and how much time I've pushed my heart rate up. I can say that using the heart rate monitor with the power saving mode off seems to drain the battery fairly quickly. Just turn on the power save mode so the display turns off after a few seconds and I never have a problem with battery life. Lasts me at least 3 days.

The concept is great... truly able to "auto-recognize" exercises. - Bill H.

The concept is great, and even as I ordered it, I was skeptical that it would be truly able to "auto-recognize" exercises. It cannot. Yes you can teach it, but you better have the same exact form when you are working out. I didn't like my Fitbit Surge, because it could not do what this hopes to do. But I did like being able to see steps and pulse at any time. If you leave the Atlas on full power, the battery will be dead in hours. Screen is large but font is too small for anyone over 40, with no way to adjust that I have found. App for smartphone is ok. Customer service was responsive when I needed help switching an email account.

Track 100+ Exercises

Track any exercise, any order, at any time. Handsfree.

Guided Workouts

Get the same workouts as Olympians and Exercise Scientists from around the globe.

Syncs with iOS & Android

See detailed workout summaries and analytics on how each workout gets you closer to your goals.

Atlas Coaching

Are you taking too much rest or not doing enough reps? Atlas gets you on the right track.

Dashboard Access

See advanced workout summaries and professional analytics like %1RM, Training Zones, and more.

Apple HealthKit + GoogleFit

Link your Apple HealthKit or GoogleFit account to track Daily Step Count, Daily Caloric Burn, and more!

Learns New Exercises

Reverse burpees? Handstand pushups? Atlas can learn nearly every known exercise, and some unknown ones too.

Precision Heart Rate

Get the most accurate, continuous, wrist-based heart rate, and even set custom target heart rate zone goals.

Swim + Shower Safe

Focus on your training knowing you don’t have to worry about how hard you sweat.


Record running, treadmill, weights, cross-training, calisthenics and more.

Syncs Wirelessly

Sync stats wirelessly to leading smartphones to analyze and optimize for success.

Accessory Bands

Personalize Atlas with different colors to match your style.

Easy micro USB Charging

Finally, no more weird chargers. Use any micro USB Charging.

Free Updates

Always stay up to date with free, wireless, software updates.

100+ Exercise Library

Don’t know what exercises to do? Access over 100 Atlas Standard exercises with form videos and analysis.

What’s Included

Atlas Wristband Pod Charging Cable Atlas Band (Green Or Yellow)

Sensors & Components

3-axis Accelerometer 3-axis Gyroscope Precision Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Display Technology

Touch Screen 128-by-64 Pixel Resolution White PM OLED

Power + Battery

5 hours Active, 4 day Stand-by 120mAh LiPo Battery Micro-USB Charging

Memory + Storage

Tracks over 365 hours of detailed workout data - second by second Tracks over 50-70 exercises simultaneously Stores heart rate data during exercise tracking


Wipe your Atlas clean with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water. Dry your Atlas with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.


The Pod is made of strong glass filled polycarbonate designed for lightweight reliability while the Band brings biocompatible comfort on the inside and strength on the outside.

Precision Heart Rate

Unlike other heart rate monitoring technologies, Atlas is designed to accurately track your heart rate even while you train.


Atlas Wristband 2 syncs automatically and wirelessly to iOS (8.5+) and Android (5.0+) devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.


English Only.

Swim + Shower Safe

Atlas is safe to wear while swimming, showering, and sweating.


Features are subject to change and may not be available in all regions. Requires iPhone 5 or later iOS 8.+ and Android phones running version 5.0+ that support Bluetooth Smart and Android Wear (BT LE / BT 4.0).